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What We Do?


We support people to advertise their events or businesses across Essex and London.

We recognise the importance of advertising in a way that as many people as possible in the local area will see. Sadly many fun days, fetes and festivals are affected by reduced numbers of visitors on the day and you can find that even people who lived next door to the event didn’t know it was taking place. Often, despite publicity in local and free newspapers, people have simply not seen the advertisements.


With our mobile advertising trailer, we can display your event or business to the local community with a massive 16 feet wide by 8 feet tall banner! Rates available for either mobile advertising around the area or having the advertisement parked at the event venue - as a common difficulty is people not knowing where the event is taking place (or a combination of both mobile and static advertising). We provide all artwork, you can choose from displaying on just one or on both sides. See our link for details of amazingly cheap A5 colour flyers too!


A fantastic way to advertise local events, such as:


  • Open Days
  • Fayres
  • Festivals and Concerts
  • Family Inflatable Fun Days
  • Exhibitions or just for general business or product promotion!

"The secret to mobile banner advertising is to have a small number of words with an eye-catching image and a website address. The key being to encourage people to look at more in-depth data on the website"


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